Special Guest Interview from the Other Side of the World!

Hi there, ignorant, inexperienced, naive homeschooler! I’m Eunice Tan, the Senior Editor of THG’s column “Our Craft,” and I happen to be an ignorant, inexperienced, naive homeschooler too! Considering how young and immature we are, I’m sure the idea of college and just the future in general can sound extremely intimidating. At least, I know […]

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Le Meilleur

By Alan Jambulatov I like to consider myself a connoisseur of haute cuisine, a fancy term for I greatly enjoy food. As such, over the last few years of living in Astana, Kazakhstan, I alongside friends and family have sought out to attend every restaurant in the city. But today, Wednesday April 17th, 2019, I […]

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Personal Training with HS Mom Angela

– Anon – Squats. Dead bugs. Myofascial Release. From falling back to power squats. From aching weak muscles to relief, strength & rotating ankles. Magic before my eyes. Three months with personal trainer Angela, a once a week fellowship and coaching with the church ladies. Fitness! Well-being! I understand my body now and which anatomical […]

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