Issue 6: Love

Issue Theme . Love . “Love makes the world go around” Or so many say. But in the first place, do we actually comprehend the truth value behind the statutes love encompasses? Increasingly so in popular culture, a vast majority flippantly pin definitions to ‘love’ that cushion the harsh reality of its true nature. This […]

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All About the Homeschool Convention 2020

An interview with Dawn Fung The Homeschool Gazette is excited to announce that we will be partnering with Homeschool Singapore as the official blog of the Homeschool Convention 2020. First up, here is an interview with the organiser, Dawn Fung.  Since 2017, Dawn has pulled together much of our local homeschool community to connect, refresh, […]

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Is there Anything Wrong with Disney Movies?

By Alan Jambulatov For decades, the world has grown up around the seemingly innocent and joyful Disney movies, influencing society and furthering globalism. From a young age, children will spend hours fantasizing about the magical lands and environments that surround the mystical animated royalty. However, are there issues surrounding the Disney princess of one’s childhood? […]

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