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Issue 6: Love

Issue Theme

. Love .

“Love makes the world go around”

Or so many say. But in the first place, do we actually comprehend the truth value behind the statutes love encompasses? Increasingly so in popular culture, a vast majority flippantly pin definitions to ‘love’ that cushion the harsh reality of its true nature. This trend surfaces in the light usage of the word when referring to aesthetic appreciation, which while correct in principle, does not attach sufficient meaning to the deeper nature of love.

Failing to achieve clarity in this area results in ambiguity led mis-steps such as compensating parental care for gifts, losing oneself to infatuation without clear consideration, blurring acquaintanceship forged out of self interest for friendship, or even shunning romance due to misinformation on the meaning of marriage. From eros (passionate desire), philia (friendship), storge (familial fondness), pragma (pragmatic devotion), to philautia (self care), Love intertwines with every relational facet in our lives, coming back full circle to our relationship with Christ in which shines true love – Agape (self-less love).

Because it is for He, who is Love, the earth twirls on its axis to please.

Join The Homeschool gazette as we explore the many different components surrounding love and its manifestation in the lives of homeschoolers hailing from a myriad of backgrounds in our 6th issue! The Homeschool Gazette is also honoured to announce our partnership with Homeschool Singapore as the official blog covering Homeschool Convention Singapore 2020.  Fasten your seat-belts and allow us to sweep you off your feet with our content as we whisk you away on a homeschool journey filled with adventures!

Liz Koh,

Editor in Chief

Table of Contents:

Our Craft

Column Editor: Eunice Tan

Do you have a wild, creative side that explores art and creativity? Then you have come to the write column! “Our Craft” is an entire column dedicated to showcasing short stories, poems, art, and all forms of creative expression, such as comics and music! We also cover articles about personal growth, so stay on a lookout for those too! Get ready for a thrilling ride!


Column Editor: Jessica Shepherd

Shining light on the current, upcoming, and important, Spotlight column is your hub of interviews, reviews, events, and many more! Want to know what’s coming up in the next month? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Or perhaps you missed a particular homeschool event…we’ve got an article for that too! Stay tuned to be in the know.


Column Editor: Alan Jambulatov

Lifestyle is a column dedicated to exploring the inner workings of our everyday lives. Whether through learning about sports or trying new food, we aim to bring new experiences and perspectives to life. Additionally, the Lifestyle Column seeks to provide knowledge of global phenomenons and detail the business world, all aspects which impact our daily lives and surroundings.

THG’s Divisions:

The Socially Awkward Podcast

Division Head: John Teoh


Division Head: Ranen Chan

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