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Aesthetic Crew

Ranen Chan

Aesthetic Head

Growing up with a father who loves photography and a mother who loves music, Ranen Chan is passionate about anything to do with aesthetics and music. He plays the violin, guitar, piano, and drums, and enjoys arranging his favourite soundtracks, while his design influences range from Apple’s Jony Ive to Braun’s Dieter Rams, favouring flat, minimalist designs. When he’s not doing any of the above, Ranen can be found snapping photos on the streets or shooting videos. He believes that photos and videos are powerful ways to influence people today, and is eager to hone his skills in these areas. He resides in Shah Alam with his parents, dog, and fluffy white cat.

Caleb Tullipi

Aesthetic dude

His hair’s aesthetic. Also his notes…he’s a literal printer.

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