A “Write-a-Fairytale Contest” Winning Entry   by Rachel Lim It was noon when the King’s messenger arrived. Ellen looked up from scrubbing the stone paving of the courtyard to see the portly, grey-moustached servant rap sharply on her stepmother’s door.  “A royal decree from His Majesty the King, to the young ladies of this house!” he called […]

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A Day at Summer Camp – A (fictional) Photo Story

Photos by John Chua What a Wonderful World     by Aaron Fong, THG Alumnus   on guitar Once upon a time, Mr. Tim said, “Listen guys, debate is a serious sport.  It is war!” Really, ah? I’d better take down notes. Me too, if I’m gonna be Malaysia’s champion debater. “No need lah, you can just […]

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“Write-a-Fairytale” Contest

A wicked princess, a talking turtle or a brave pirate. Imagine your best tale – a story with a magical, funny or mystical element, and send it to THG. The best 2 entries will be rewarded with a pair of tickets each, to the all-time favourite “Sleeping Beauty” by DuffleBag Theatre Company and ACT 3 International.   Please note: […]

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