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Editorial Board

Editor in Chief

Liz Koh

Liz Koh is a Singaporean homeschooler with a heart for the community. With the power of the pen, she believes that everyone can impact the world for the better. Her strengths range from public speaking, creative writing, graphic design, and event planning to recognising different K-Pop songs. Aesthetic packaging, however, is Liz’s Achilles heel. When she isn’t freaking her mom out with another project idea, Liz is busy persuading math out of finding his x. In her free time, you will find Liz binge watching K-Dramas with a cup of bubble tea in hand.

Personal blog: Raining Wisteria

Instagram: @koh.liz

Co-Editor in Chief

Natasha Lim

Most of Natasha Lim’s life was spent studying. Now that she’s pretty much done with that, she enjoys honing her creative skillset and is actively involved in various projects. Some of these projects include, working as a creative coordinator for a magazine, arranging and producing music, videography, makeup, and writing. Natasha is disciplined and organized but not in an uptight, boring way. In the coming years, she hopes to be able to combine her marketing and events management degree with her passion for design and content creation. Some of her biggest motivations in life are the unmeasurable love of Christ, her family, and her dream of owning 5 cats and her own business by the age of 25.

Personal Blog: Min.

Instagram: @ashyy_lim

Senior Editors

Jessica Shepherd


Raised on a small farm and kiwifruit orchard in New Zealand, Jessica moved to Singapore in 2011 and has been homeschooled since young. She is an introvert who has a heart for people and loves to see them develop. When she’s not writing, speaking, emailing, coaching, singing or playing her sadly out of tune piano, she enjoys gaming or binge watching Netflix shows–especially if snacks are involved.

Alan Jambulatov


Alan Jambulatov is a driven entrepreneur and an enthusiastic writer. Aside from owning his own company, Alan has a passion for working with people with special needs through assisting in running an inclusive centre in Astana (Nur-Sultan). Presently, he lives in Astana (Nur-Sultan), Kazakhstan, but has spent the majority of his life in Vancouver, Canada. He attends an online school based in the United States of America, where he has had the opportune chance to take college-level writing courses. Alan aspires to one day follow the footsteps of his grandfather, father, and generations before towards success in the business sphere and to also support the far too often neglected individuals with special needs.

Instagram: @alan.jambulatov

Eunice Tan

Our Craft

Eunice Tan is many things. For one, she is an obsessive unicorn lover and has what she likes to call “The Eunicorn Syndrome”. In addition to unicorns, she has a soft spot for anything fluffy, a cup of froyo, and blue hues. Eunice has always loved playing around with words and weaving them into stories and essays that influence people for the better. Furthermore She is passionate about communicating the truth! Currently living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; she is a rising Senior in high school.

Personal Blog: To Be Radical

IG: @eunicorn_tales

FB: Eunice Tan

Junior Editors

Phoebe Lim


Phoebe Lim is a 17-year-old avid writer, book aficionado, and tea connoisseur. Although born in Singapore, she spent half of her life in Hunan, China and the rest in Hong Kong. She proudly scribbles stories and writes on any surface she can find—receipts, bits of napkins, endless notebooks, and once, accidentally on an unsuspecting friend (okay, maybe several times). In her spare time, Phoebe is hounding after her newest hobby, making banana bread, or providing sarcastic remarks for any situation.



Jessica Kuan likes to pursue many interests; among which include drawing, writing, philosophy, photography, music, and reading. When she is not hunting for a new hobby or engaged in her newest interests, she enjoys exploring the various libraries around the neighborhood. The 14 year old is currently experimenting with watercolour paints and baking. She believes that one should follow both their heart and their head, for where one goes, the other must follow.

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