John Teoh

Head of Production

John is a former homeschooler who serves both God and his country. With an avid passion in photography and videography, you’re likely to observe him capturing city scenes, weddings, events, and portraits. His keen eye also lends itself to graphic design work in the form of posters and flyers for various clients. With a loud voice and a laugh to match, John is an experienced public speaker with more than 5 years of training and more than 200 platforms under his belt. If he’s not behind the camera, computer, or on stage, you’ll find John between the covers of a book or the covers of his bed.



Emma Chan

Podcast Host

Putting her chatterbox personality to good use, Emma brings banter to the podcast. Though they share the exact last name, she and Ranen Chan sadly are not relatives. Emma’s hobbies include music (though she is terrible at it) and photography. And here’s her little secret: prior to working in The Homeschool Gazette, Emma has never listened to a podcast before!

Rebecca Teoh

Podcast Editor

Fostering a love for anything and everything aesthetic, Rebecca has a definite penchant for the arts. While fabulously quirky, she also possesses a serious side to her character. If you ever stumble across a wild Rebecca in her natural habitat, make sure you say “hi!” to her first, as she can be awkward and shy at times. However, not to worry, once she’s comfortable, you’ll find that she does indeed have a lot to say!