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Hoo Ru Yi

Ru Yi is a 15 year old girl who has adored reading and writing ever since a young age. Occasionally, when inspiration sparks, she will doodle some random art in her creative journal too. Hanging out with her friends, baking or cooking various goods and dishes, and actively playing sports are amongst her multiple hobbies as well. She blogs regularly on her personal non-profit blog under the pen name Starling. In everything she does, she hopes it brings glory to the Almighty who created the heavens and the earth and let others know about his goodness.

Micah Ford

Micah Ford is  a student at the QSI school of Nur-Sultan in Astana, Kazakhstan. This year, he is a sophomore at  sixteen years old. Micah was born in San Diego, California, but lived overseas for twelve years (seven in Yemen and five in Kazakhstan). Micah has enjoyed writing since a very young age, everything from fantasy stories for fun to research papers for school. Currently, Micah  runs for the local team in Nur-Sultan, and joins his school basketball team every winter to mix up running with an enjoyable team sport.

Zoe Kim

Zoe Kim lives in Singapore but spent majority of her life in Kazakhstan. She spends most of her time finishing schoolwork but also enjoys using her free time to draw, paint, take photographs, bake, and travel with her family. This summer she will be going back to Los Angeles to hone her art skills at a month long summer program at CalArts.

Tiffany Chen

Tiffany Chen is a homeschooler who always dreamt to change and explore the world. As an aspiring International Relations student, Tiffany looks up to Winston Churchill and Mearsheimer, who introduced her to the field that she now loves. Tiffany enjoys immersing herself into diverse cultures and reasonings through travelling or reading. As an old Chinese saying says: your heart or your feet, at least one should be on a journey.


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