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who we are

The Homeschool Gazette (THG) is a platform dedicated to nurturing homeschoolers as writers, and all-rounded communicators as they explore multiple media in the digital age. THG connects the community as students embark on joint projects to write, produce videos and podcasts. Through editorial features, regular columns and contributed articles, THG showcases original work by homeschoolers as they research, interview, analyse, report and write. 

First launched in 2011, today THG continues to serve a new generation of homeschoolers and their families. THG hopes that families in the community will be informed and enlightened, and in a small way, encouraged in their homeschooling journey. We remain unchanged in our original mission to nurture budding communicators bringing a positive message to our world – a Trumpet Blessing!


THG’s editorial staff



contribution of articles

Currently, contribution to THG is by invitation. However, if you really would like to contribute an article, please contact us for the recommended submission guidelines.


THG supports faith-based initiatives and ministries, non-profits and social enterprises. Do write us with information for a shout-out for your events and projects. We are not however presently accepting offers for paid advertising or commercials.


THG thanks everyone for their contributions of articles, videos, and photographs. It is our policy to be in compliance with royalty and intellectual property standards and to obtain all relevant permissions. At all times, we welcome feedback from the public.


To offer the writers, words of encouragement, constructive feedback or any comments, reach us at or by filling up the form below.


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