Five perspectives of psychology and the Biblical worldview

By Phoebe Lim Psychology, the young science, a largely controversial topic within the Christian community. Should we even bother discussing the science of human thinking and behaviour when we recognise every wrong and vile part of ourselves comes from sin and every righteous part of us comes from God? Why, pray tell, would this young […]

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There are No Clashes of Civilizations between China and the US

By Tiffany Chen Recently, Kiron Skinner, the director of policy planning at the State Department, categorized the dispute between China and the U.S. as a “clash of civilizations,” reviving the famous argument by Samuel. P. Huntington and hinting at the inevitability of the conflict. According to Skinner, the fight between these two great powers is […]

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By Alan Jambulatov Corruption, deeply rooted in our human nature, draws all our fleeting strength to suppress. Corruption entails an insatiable want to put ourselves above others, to make others lose for our gain. Corruption allows us to loosen our morals, to hurt people, to disregard the pain of others, and worst of all, to […]

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