All About the Homeschool Convention 2020

An interview with Dawn Fung The Homeschool Gazette is excited to announce that we will be partnering with Homeschool Singapore as the official blog of the Homeschool Convention 2020. First up, here is an interview with the organiser, Dawn Fung.  Since 2017, Dawn has pulled together much of our local homeschool community to connect, refresh, […]

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HSF Kovan End-of-Semester Party

By Drew Fong The end-of-semester Party was organised by Auntie Daphne, one of the homeschool moms. It was to celebrate the end-of-term for our Homeschool Sports Fellowship. Instead of the usual Thursday sports session from 4 to 6 pm, we had group games during this time and a potbless dinner after that. The dinner showcased […]

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  Motivated . Disciplined . Excellent Ideal for homeschoolers Exam-skills focus to excel and score Small affordable class of up to 8 students Intensive coaching by skilled, encouraging instructors Comprehensive curriculum customised for homeschoolers Field trips, research and presentations, group projects & more Community of peers for sustained momentum & enriched learning     On […]



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