A Reason to Live

By Liz Koh Life. Seasons. They have much in common. Spring’s fresh bloom; serendipities.  Summer’s golden sunshine; adventures.  Autumn’s monotonous shades; the mundane.  Winter’s cold frost; tribulations. Through the seasons, we all hold onto dreams that anchor us to a purpose, keeping our feet grounded and going. Though our hands may bleed, we grasp tightly […]

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“Salami Pizza Guy”: Malaysia to America

By Eunice Tan Everybody is tossing around the soccer ball, passing around quips and teasing jeers. I stand solitarily by the sidelines.     It’s okay. I’m fine.     They’re talking about the football competition last week. I have no idea what that’s about.     Everything’s okay. I feel fine.     There is an invisible wall […]

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