A Reason to Live

By Liz Koh Life. Seasons. They have much in common. Spring’s fresh bloom; serendipities.  Summer’s golden sunshine; adventures.  Autumn’s monotonous shades; the mundane.  Winter’s cold frost; tribulations. Through the seasons, we all hold onto dreams that anchor us to a purpose, keeping our feet grounded and going. Though our hands may bleed, we grasp tightly […]

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Impact of a Country’s Physical Features

By Drew Fong Today, we have 195 different countries on earth, all with different climates, location, resources, etc. But what differences in culture, architecture, and tradition, are caused by different physical features? In my opinion, the physical features of a country would drastically change the development of architecture, and it changes the culture and traditions […]

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“Salami Pizza Guy”: Malaysia to America

By Eunice Tan Everybody is tossing around the soccer ball, passing around quips and teasing jeers. I stand solitarily by the sidelines.     It’s okay. I’m fine.     They’re talking about the football competition last week. I have no idea what that’s about.     Everything’s okay. I feel fine.     There is an invisible wall […]

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