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Angel Chew

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Junior Editor

Angel Chew is a sailor and homeschooler who loves reading novels. Currently, she is a junior editor for The Homeschool Gazette which––I assume––you are reading now. She is allergic to dairy (not to be confused with being lactose intolerant, which means if a dairy product has no lactose it can be consumed), and kiwi. When not sailing, reading or listening to the How To Train Your Dragon audiobooks which she is a great fan of, she can be found listening to music while doing a puzzle—both kinds. She has three siblings all named angel in different languages. Her favourite place to go is the library, where she can spend the whole day, even. She also likes singing when no one can hear and climbing on anything that can be climbed on.


The Gigantic Floating Roc

A Season of Gifts

“If ” Part 2


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