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Christmas Day Poem


by Joanna Tan


Christmas has come again.

How time whirls and spins, as how I imagine snowflakes would on a winter night.

Right before I had a chance to catch my breath, another year is playing on repeat.

If only time came with an option to slow down…

Some days I think winter couldn’t feel any colder than how it felt on the day you left.

Thankfully, it isn’t cold for you now; everything is pure, happy, golden and bright.

But for me and everyone else, it is the first time that Christmas has come without you.

And it bites colder than sleet on bare skin; where memory allows me to travel back in time,

So were you there in every frame.


Do you see us from the City of Light?

Are you missing us?

You are missed so much today; see, all your unshed tears have become mine to cry.


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