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How to DIY Stickers

Versatile. Aesthetic. Thoughtful.

The perfect gift for someone special to you.

Or at least Liz thinks so.

Whether you plan to do it as a birthday present, Christmas gift, or a just because I love you token; a personalised sticker pack easily does the trick to light up a smile.

I recently created a sticker pack for a close friend of mine and thought to share my know-hows so that others don’t repeat the same mistakes I did. It takes a lot of practice to be as stupid as me, so don’t start panicking at the disco. All the “Oopsies” and “Oh *insert explicit* ” have been done by me so the only thing you have to exclaim is “Nailed it!”

While time-consuming, making your own stickers is actually pretty easy.

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Clear scotch tape (preferably of a large size)
  • Paper
  • An ink pen (I used Micron Pigma pens by Sakura for mine)
  • Baking paper or wax paper
  • An envelop


  1. 18-10-05-15-26-46-073_photo
    Draw your desired content onto the piece of paper using an ink pen. Cut them out in the shape you would like your sticker to be.

Paste enough scotch tape to cover your design on a sheet of baking paper. Use several pieces of tape overlaying each other by at least 3cm if your design is big. Make sure that the amount of scotch tape is a little bigger than the design so you won’t end up having bits of paper sticking out. You will understand what I mean later. Fyi, this layer of tape is the base that acts as the portion used to paste the sticker onto stuff. Now place your cut out on top of the tape.


Paste a layer of scotch tape on top of the paper, securing it between the bottom tape and the upper tape. Use the ruler to avoid having any bubble between the upper tape and paper by smoothening out the tape as you go. Try your best to keep the top tape aligned to the base tape. It will look better that way.


As you can see here, I made a bubble because I didn’t smooth it out as I taped. If you have a bubble, it’s not the end of the world. Your sticker’s still good just not-as-good…which kinda means the apocalypse but moving on…


If your paper is too big to cover with one piece of tape, use another piece to go over it, slightly overlaying the two pieces of tape together so they stick. You should now have two or more pieces of tape sealing the cut out to the base tape.


Cut out your sticker along with the baking paper. Leave some space around the sticker so that your present isn’t ruined with the struggle of peeling the sticker off the baking paper.


And TA-DA! You’re done!


After you’re done making all your stickers, put them inside an envelope because we’re fancy like that.

To summarise everything above into a sentence: basically sandwich the cut out between 2 slabs of tape on a piece of baking paper.

Now go forth and bless the world with your wisdom!


Here’s an extra step because being extra is all the rage. Don’t use water to seal your envelope shut…that’s so 18th century. Use a sparkly tape that has identity issues as to its sticky function

This article is inspired by JENerationDIY’s tutorial.

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