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The Trump Prophecy

Prophesized in 2011. Fulfilled in 2016.

Based on a true story, the movie chronicles what happened to Mark Taylor, a retired fireman who heard God say that Donald Trump will be the 45th President. Mark later learns that he is but one voice for God had spoken to many others of His pick for their next Commander-in-Chief. An inspiring movie on how a man heals from a career of sacrifice, and how a message from God sparked a worldwide prayer movement and nation-wide evangelical support for this President.

The world now awaits with bated breath the coming to pass of other prophecies – of former Presidents and future Supreme Court Justices, of energy independence for two nations, gas prices and Roe v. Wade – a few being partially fulfilled.

No spoiler alert here. Research God’s messages and track His promises, starting with Mark Taylor’s prophecies online. Have fun. It is an exciting time to be a believer!


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