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“We are with the Animals” a Eulogy

In Memory Of
a joyful soul in an imperfect earth suit


“In my life, her life had its purpose.”


Amazing Grace      by Aaron Fong, THG Alumnus    on guitar and violin


I will always remember the day I lost my youngest sister.

It was the day Rosmah was arrested with 17 charges. On the other side of the globe, another was fully exonerated of all charges to assume the highest bench in the land. Good had triumphed over evil.

That morning, I had missed an urgent call from my sister. When I returned her call, she was in an ambulance, crying hard.

“She is not breathing, she is not breathing!”  she sobbed, speaking of my youngest sister.

My youngest sister had suddenly experienced difficulty in breathing and her lips had turned blue.

It was ten past noon as I rushed to leave for the hospital. All in a flash, I started crying uncontrollably.

My spirit sensed then that she was already with the Lord. I sank to my knees as pain overwhelmed my heart. In my mind’s eye, I see her holding the hand of Jesus, with a wide beaming smile and bright eyes.

I had awoken that morning from a dream, still vivid in my mind. I was back on the street of my maternal grandparents’ home. I was facing their house. It was night. I then turned to look at the opposite side of the same street. It was day. The houses on that side of the street were 3-storey high, new and majestic in the bright noon sun. Most houses had been gradually rebuilt over time in the old Thomson residential estate. Soon, more details of the dream came back to me. A death had occurred. A death of a family member.

Still laying in bed, I began to pray and soon started to sing in the spirit, which is a first for me at this time of the day.

Later that day at the hospital, the doctor confirmed my sister’s time of death – just minutes past noon.

My heart broke as I placed my hand on her. “Bye-bye, good night. See you on the other side.”

My tears began again on my way back to the car. As I slid into the driver’s seat, I asked the Lord where she was.

Jesus said, “I have brought her for a walk. She has not walked before.”

I looked deeper into the vision and saw them side by side holding hands, walking on a street of translucent gold. I sobbed even harder. My youngest sister, struck with severe cerebral palsy, has never walked a step in her life on earth.

As I drove, I began to hear dancing music of the Alibaba kind. I smiled through the tears – she was dancing!

As I approached home, I asked the Lord again. “What are you doing now?”

He replied, “ We are with the animals. She has not been to the zoo.”

Tears poured incessantly as I sped down the AYE. Thank you, Jesus.

I spent a quiet day at home; my heart at peace, indeed with a deep joy that she has gone home; home to be with Jesus, her Saviour and Lord.

I have no regrets; I had spent time with her and had cared for her; I held her, prayed over her, and protected her at a worthy personal cost.

In my life, her life had its purpose.

As in my dream, when darkness surrendered to bright light from one side of the street to the other, one life – a soul and spirit – ascended from earth to heaven’s glory. My sister has shed the constraints of her imperfect earthly body to live in the mansion Jesus had prepared for her.

That evening late in the night, I asked the Lord one final time. “Where is she now?”

Jesus said, “She is with my saints.”

“Bye-bye Mei Mei. I’ll see you again.”

My heart at rest; the matter closed. I hid her in my heart and wiped my last tear.

– Anon –

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