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WordArt by Asher



Wordart is a joint project of two good friends, Asher and myself, the one he calls Caroline. Asher has the bigger role of creating his beautiful, God-inspired works of art for each Bible story. My role is to write the words that summarise and reflect on the Bible passages, to complement each one of Asher’s drawings.

Asher’s first Wordart book sold over 3800 copies within a year of its launch on 16 October 2016. We thank our God for leading us in this project, to bring God’s Word to children through Asher’s art.

The first book focused on the Gospel message. This second book has 16 Bible stories from both the Old and New Testament. These stories were chosen by Asher for the purpose of helping us to get to know God. Through the various situations encountered by God’s people, we learn how God gives victories to His people when they listen, trust and obey Him. We also learn about God’s Love and Holiness through our Lord Jesus.

On top of his inspired art bringing each story to life, Asher has provided his own reflections for each story in this book.

We hope that you will be blessed as you read these stories about our amazing One True God.


Dear Friends,

I have drawn stories of Revelation (the last book of the Bible) for the cover of Wordart 2. Everything that is written in the Bible will happen one day. We have to wait patiently. One day, the trumpet will sound loudly and Jesus our Lord will come back to us, in the clouds! That is the day we will all go to Heaven because we believed in Jesus and waited patiently for Him! Now, we must prepare for the return of the Lord.

He will say to you “Come, let us go to Heaven now. You can enjoy your new home!”.

Jesus will gather the people who can go to Heaven with Him. Some people are sad because they were forgotten by others, but Jesus will wipe their tears and say to them “Don’t be sad, your hope did not perish. I remember you.” So Jesus will say to all His children, also the lame, the blind and the poor, “Come, to the heavenly banquet! My feast is ready!” All people great and small will follow Him because there is only one way. When we are all at the heavenly table, Jesus will be very happy. His children are with Him, at last!

Love, Asher


” Do you believe in miracles? Well, I’m convinced that what you are holding in your hand is a miracle. To a world that’s growing increasingly sophisticated and cynical, God seems to find fresh and ironic ways of communicating, even using the colour pencils of a young boy with autism. Some of these drawings move me to tears. “

Rev Joshua Sudharman, Vicar St John’s – St Margaret’s Church


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Lady, Asher’s Mom

Asher personally drafted a reflection for each story in this book now that he is able to express himself more in words. God’s Word is the lens by which he makes sense of the world and this shows up in his written reflections. In ways enabled by the Spirit, Asher has come to evaluate thoughtfully and confidently upon the essentiality of God. His recently developed expressions in Wordart 2 are a response to this revelation of God.

I hope you have enjoyed taking the time to read and appreciate this gift that God has granted to a mind that was once a helpless distance away, but now daily abiding with Him in cheerful obedience.

Like many persons with autism Asher is hypersensitive to noises and finds it extremely difficult to filter out noises. Yet the loving Father provided a way for him to rise beyond this encumbrance, and focus on the voice that matters most. It has been inspiring for me to see how his walk with the Lord is marked by truth and practice. In the same way that he diligently positions himself to meditate on Scriptures and wait upon the Lord, he is also zealous to obey and follow His Word.

Asher’s passion for doing Wordart is for every person to draw near to God. His life message is simple but valuable, that God desires a connection with each of His children, and He is able to overcome obstacles to draw near to us who draw near to Him, and from His throne of grace grant to us all the help we ever need.

Asher’s journey in spiritual development continues until Christ is formed in him.


What Others Say…


“Asher’s first book (Wordart) of lively illustrations of biblical stories, divine promises and eternal truths has been a tremendous gift that drew me deeper into God’s Word, and made it come alive and real in a powerful way. His present work Wordart2 breaks new ground and bears testimony to God’s grace in Asher’s spiritual growth journey, as he adds personal thoughts and Spirit-inspired reflections to his beautiful artwork. May you be richly blessed and deeply inspired by Asher’s gift to us all.”

Ven Wong Tak Meng, Archdeacon for Community Services, The Anglican Diocese of S’pore


“You must read Asher’s second book.  In the first book, Asher expressed himself mostly in pictures.  Now, as his spirit life has been deepened by the Lord, Asher expresses himself in words and complete sentences.  This book contains his personal reflections derived deep from his Spirit-anointed inner man.  Every single drawing and reflection is bathed in prayer.  He wrote down Bible verses that came to him at his reflections.  Every reflection was made only after he had asked the Lord to show him what to write for each story.

You see a flow in the story and the reflections; very much focussed on God and our relationship with Him.  From end to end Asher wrote: God let…, God spoke…, God can…, God shows up…

Asher’s first reflection in this book began with the covenant relationship God had granted us through Abraham so well captured in the sacrifice of Isaac story: “God let Abraham go to Moriah to sacrifice Isaac so that he can know that God is so sad to sacrifice Jesus.  Abraham is God’s friend.” He ended with the final reflection and story of great hope in the resurrection: “When you believe in Jesus, you will go to heaven. See you there! Do not forget what Jesus says: “I am the way, the Truth and the Life.” You must trust in Him”.

Asher’s pictures are vibrant and a story in themselves.  Your spirit will be uplifted as you sense the wonder of God in Christ Jesus in a special way.”

Adjunct Professor (Judge Retired) Richard Magnus, Chancellor Anglican Diocese of S’pore, Vice-Chair IBC UNESCO


“I am very glad to write this message for Asher’s second book of Bible stories and illustrations dedicated to the glory of God.

This publication is a chronicle of a young man’s search for a deeper knowledge, a clearer understanding and a closer relationship with the God he loves.  It is a testament of Asher’s deep love for God, his faith and trust in Him and his fervent desire to know God’s will and to obey.

Consider the stories that he has chosen to include in this book – stories from which Asher draws profound lessons about God’s divine nature. Evident in all the tales told and illustrated is the prayerful re-telling of them, the personal response to and interpretation of them and the lessons drawn from them.  In the story of Abraham’s obedience to God’s command to sacrifice his son Isaac, Asher draws a parallel between Abraham’s agony, and God the Father’s sacrifice of Jesus for man’s salvation.  In this simple way, he highlights the depth of God’s love for His people.  In other stories, Asher tells of God’s promise, His faithfulness, His righteousness and the comfort that He alone can give us.

In response to God’s goodness, Asher outlines what it means to be a disciple of God – to “give up ourselves”, to “learn from God”, to “follow God” and to “teach others to know God” – and it is clear that he seeks to live by these edicts himself.  So besides searching his own heart and clarifying his own beliefs about God, this book is also Asher’s offering to God, to help others, young and old, to know God more and more.

To God be the Glory!”

Chan Siew Cheng, Anglican Diocesan Secretary of Schools, S’pore



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