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Creative DIY Crafts to Shake Up Quarantine!

Written by Le En

Edited by Eunice Tan

During this long quarantine, many of us are looking for things to keep us sane during the lockdown. Here are some unique crafts to switch things up: 

  1. A Periscope

The first craft we are going to make is a periscope!

This is to look around edges to scope out the area in case there are any other humans in the vicinity. The materials that are needed are: a cuboid-shaped cardboard box (you could use a toothpaste box or make your own with regular cardboard), two mirrors (a substitute could be some mylar paper or an old CD), a penknife and glue or something to fix the mirror into place. 

Step one: Cut a hole big enough to fit a mirror on the end of one side of the box. You can do this by placing one mirror on a side and tracing around it and cutting it. Do the same on the opposite end and side of the first hole.

Step two: Place the mirror in one of the holes at a 45-degree angle that faces both the hole and the other end of the box. Fix it in place with glue or tape. Do the same with the other mirror at the other hole. Adjust the mirrors as necessary if they do not work well.

Step three: Look through them and spy on other people without them seeing you.

  1. A Kaleidoscope

The second craft is a kaleidoscope for looking at the boring things in your home in a different way. The materials you need are a cardboard roll, tape, some form of reflective paper, scissors or a penknife, and a ruler.

Step one: Cut the reflective paper into three equal segments.

Step two: Tape them together to form a triangular prism and slot it into the cardboard roll. Ensure that the triangular prism is neither too large or small to fit into the cardboard roll. Feel free to decorate the outside of the cardboard roll to your liking.

Step three: Look at all sorts of patterns or images to have fun! 

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