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“If ” Part 2


by Angel Chew

If you can feel suffering, hurt, pain

And cry out but bear it;

If you can keep your head held high,

When others are defeated;

If you can love someone,

But not let that love own you;

If you can survive hardship,

Knowing that may be useless:

Then you would be a warrior, truly.

by Teresa Komo
If you can stand firm – and have courage,
Being fearless against your worst fear;
If you can find peace with those who have rage,
Or be merciful to those who are in tears;
If you can understand what you have been told,
and proceed with gladness;
If you can grasp and hold what is good,
Just like precious gold;
And do what is right which brings gladness;
If you can trust in the LORD,
He will guide you;
If you can give grace to those who are weak,
then one day they will appreciate you;
If you can pray to God every week,
He will surely answer you.
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