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Hello! Nice to see you on our page!

Let us introduce ourselves – we are a small group of homeschoolers who, having a lack of activities to do recently, decided that recording some music and creating a “music album” would be a great way to spend our time!!

Since we all play different instruments, as well as pieces from different genres, we decided to call our album Collectif, as it is exactly that – a small collection of the diverse music we love, as a way to remember this period of our lives.

We hope that you enjoy our album, and while listening, are able to find something that speaks to you (XD)  within the wide range of the pieces we recorded.

Our Journey


Hi, I’m Ariel and I did the marketing for the music album. I have always been interested in business. Therefore, I found this project to be a good opportunity to learn marketing, since both of these things are interconnected with each other. I hope you like the album!


Hi, I’m Iain! I am the graphic designer for this album, meaning that most of the artwork you see around on this page was created by yours truly. I created the style of the title of our album, which I designed to fit the theme of it – diverse, with the many different fonts and styles representing the different genres of music that are present in the collection. 


Hi, I’m Julian, a 14-year-old guy who likes much random stuff from skateboarding to playing the ukulele and even YouTubing. The video that you probably have watched was mostly pieced together by Drew and me.


Hello, I’m Ray. I am 15, and my piece is a remix of the song ‘Gymnopedie No.1’. I started doing remixes of songs a few months ago, as I loved the way they sounded. It also allowed me to add a nice personal touch to my favourite songs and make them my own. Hope you enjoy my piece.

Gymnopedie No. 1 Remix


Hello!! I am Daniele Chernyak, a fifteen-year-old person who just happens to really love music – listening to it, creating it, and playing it. I have been playing guitar for practically a decade, and chose to play Vals, Op.8, No.4 by Augustin Barrios Mangore. I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I enjoyed playing it.

Vals, Op. 8, No. 4


hello wassup! I’m Keagan and though I like playing sports such as basketball and floorball, I also enjoy playing the piano (though I don’t particularly like practising the scales). I enjoy playing pieces from various genres, but pop and rock is the genre I like best because I am listening to the melody and chord voicings. I chose Stand Dlliever because when I first heard it, I thought that the tune was both enjoyable to listen to and fun to play.

Stand Dlliever

Hot Chilli Cha Cha

Rock Ballad


Hi, I’m Drew. I am a musician and video editor for this project. I am at the appalling age of 16. I have contributed a bunch of songs to the album. “Home” is one of them since it is a song native to Singapore – my rendition being an instrumental guitar solo. I consider it one of the best National Day songs, and a personal favourite as it is both inspirational and nostalgic.

Reckless Love (guitar & vocals)

Home in Singapore

Stop the Train

Original Random

Final Edits by Ray, Julian & Drew

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