2020, a Crossroad in International Relations

By Tiffany Chen Sino-American trade war, Brexit, Turkey’s trend of secularization, U.S. tension with Iran and the polarization of American politics further escalated by Trump’s victory four years ago and his foreign policy adjustment all points to one issue: the economic slack is leading to the rise of conservatism worldwide. Liberalism’s voice weakens while realism […]

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Girl Talk: Relationships – A Dash of Intentionality

By The Socially Awkward Podcast In this episode of The Socially Awkward Podcast, Emma chats with Dorothea Wong, the founder of Kallos about her homeschooling journey and her thoughts on friendship, love, and family. Tune in to The Socially Awkward Podcast on Anchor: https://anchor.fm/sociallyawkwardpodcast Follow The Socially Awkward Podcast: @the.sociallyawkwardpodcast Follow The Homeschool Gazette: @sghomeschoolgazette

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Eve Sam

An interview with 2019 Homeschool Convention speaker, Eve Sam. A Malaysian Chinese mother of two, Eve sits down with The Homeschool Gazette to share about her keynote speech and inspiration. Jessica Shepherd: Thank you for sharing with us. Last year you spoke at the 2019 Homeschool convention, your topic was “Stillness in the unknown”. In […]

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How to Tell If Your Crush Likes You

Written by Natasha Lim Edited by Eunice Tan You feel that familiar flutter in your stomach as your heart begins to thump loudly and a strange heat spreads across your face. Immediately, you wrack your brains, trying to recall the advice you’ve frantically Googled a thousand times before. Should I say hi? How do I […]

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