Junior Editor

Drew is homeschooled just like the other editors. However, he is the only one among them who does not have a liking for fried chicken. Being part of a family of musicians, he plays the guitar, ukulele, and drums. Also, he tends to have a slightly unique vocabulary compared to others, for instance, he says “Holy mackerel” or” losing your marbles”. When he is not working on Latin or Chinese, he can be found working on physical tasks; creating or repairing items.



Poetry with a Zookeeper

The Roving Reporter: How to make a Loop-de-loop Plane by Luke & Drew



“If” Part 1

Race to the Moon

Alumni Auld Lang Syne (Part 1)

Alumni Auld Lang Syne (Part 2)

Homeschool Sports Fellowship@Kovan

HSF Kovan End-of-Semester Party

Magnetic Shielding Experiment

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