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Homeschool Sports Fellowship@Kovan

by Drew Fong
Our bodies are living temples unto the Lord.
I wish to see all children and youths in the Homeschool Sports Fellowship
grow up to have healthy bodies and lifestyles,
serving the Lord and others, living active and purposeful lives unto the Lord.  
– Coach Ming Hock –


The late afternoon heat was unbearable
but the children persevered on with their drills, eager to complete them
and get as much game time as possible.
Training usually ended with a mini-game, with Coach setting up makeshift goalposts
and dividing the field into playing areas.
With the scores even and time running out, one of the teams managed to score a goal.
But was it a goal? Did the ball cross the line?
The complaints and appeals rained down, as it was impossible to view a replay
or clearly judge where the line was on the imaginary goal-line.
Perhaps playing on the pitches at Kovan would provide clearer demarcation
for fairer determination of points scored.
But that would be for another day when prayers for the wet weather program are answered.
The heated debate soon dissipated by the end of class,
and it is another Thursday afternoon of memories created,
friendships strengthened and a Coach’s heart blessed.    

– Coach Jeremy –

How It Started …

Five years ago, Catherine and I sat across Coach Reon. Over cups of coffee, HSF was conceptualized, a weekly sports time where athletes and friendships are born. God is good; He hears and brings to pass within a year, a heart’s desire. In no time laughing children bunched in a court’s corner hilariously chasing a single ball soon morphed into competent sportsmen displaying game sense and teamwork, determined to excel. More importantly, God’s little children are maturing into young Christian leaders and disciples with integrity and sportsmanship.



To hear more from the organisers & families,

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