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Issue 1 : Singapore Our Nation

THG is launched on 9 August 2011, as our nation celebrates its 46th birthday. This year, homeschoolers attended their first National Education Showand THG joins them as they recollect the experience. Singapore’s Presidential Election is also held in August. Five youths learn together what it means to elect the person to fill one of the highest offices in the land.

In Issue 1, THG takes a look at what homeschoolers have been up to as they talk to the Straits Times, and as some participated in June’s Debate Camp. Find out who THG interviewed in A Chat With… and The Roving Reporter.

So come along and vote with us as THG conducts a little poll to predict the next President. Test your body’s fastest respond rate iReaction Time, and write your best story to send it in to the “Write-a-Fairytale” Contest.

What a Wonderful World     by Aaron Fong, THG Alumnus   on guitar
Presidential Election 2011
With the presidential elections just round the corner, The Homeschool Gazette is conducting its own poll to predict the next President of Singapore. Vote with us!
Read about the three leading presidential candidates,  Mr. Tan Kin Lian (by Joshua Ng), Dr. Tony Tan (by Elizabeth Fong) and Dr. Tan Cheng Bock (by Janna Chua).
Aaron Fong introduces us to The Roles and Powers of the President, while Jerel Lim shares his view in How Then Should I Vote.
Debate Camp 2011
In June 2011, homeschoolers took part in an Ethos Speech and Debate camp. Here are some highlights of the Debate Final. These budding debaters, aged 13 to 15, bravely tackled a hot current issue with limited preparation time.

The Resolution: That the Singapore Parliament should substantially reform the electoral process.

Check this out!:  A (fictional) Photo Story 

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National Education Show 2011 ( aka NDP Rehearsal)
For the very first time, homeschoolers participated in the NE Show to celebrate our nation’s 46th birthday. Special thanks to moms, Jasmine Goh for organizing the event, and Tan Mei Sie for the awesome videos and photos! Check them out here!
Homeschoolers, Ah Boi and Jodd Foxfire, share with us their experience at the NE Show. Can you spot them in the photos?
“Majulah! The 2011 Singapore National Day Parade, a musical performance in five separate acts, was an extraordinary multimedia musical indeed. Centered around the topic “Majulah! The Singapore Spirit”, the audience was enthralled and captivated by the finesse displayed by the hosts, actors and the performance itself…” Read More
“Write-a-Fairytale” Contest
A wicked princess, a talking turtle or a brave pirate. Imagine your best tale – a story with a magical, funny or mystical element, and send it to THG. The best two entries will be rewarded with a pair of tickets each, to the all-time favourite “Sleeping Beauty” by DuffleBag Theatre Company. Read More
Reaction Time
by Li Ning
“Look out! There’s a guy crossing the road!” John’s brain shouted to him. Almost instantly, he hit the brakes of the car and swerved to the right to avoid hitting the pedestrian. “Well done; your reaction time is average,” said the computer. In everyday life, quick reaction time is necessary to avoid unnecessary accidents. Since it is such an important part of life, one should understand how the brain works and its limitations. The reaction time of a person can be divided into different parts…Read More

Land of the Dinosaurs
Short Story by Jodd Foxfire

“Ring…” Recess time!

Sean and his two best friends, Max and Clara dashed out of the class like lightning. One moment listening to the teacher talk, the next moment at the far end of the playground! Sean and his friends decided to play a game of hide-and-seek.

Clara closed her eyes and started counting. “1,2,3….” Sean spied a heavy long metal pipe a few meters away and crouched down and crawled in. As Sean slithered further in, Clara’s voice grew softer and softer until it was not audible. 

When Sean dragged himself out of the tube, he was not at the school playground anymore…Read More
A Personal Story
Janna Chua shares with us her story on how she decided to take this step of faith:
In 2001, after the Twin Tower collapsed, my brother got saved. Not long after, one night, I was lying in bed pondering upon this issue.
Since the rest of my family were Christians, when Jesus comes again, I would be the only one left.( At that time, sometimes when the house was too quiet, I would sneak around to check if my parents were still around). I did not want to be left alone when Jesus comes back. I knew no matter how good I try to be, I would never be able to reach God’s perfect standard. In God’s eyes, I am a sinner; and sinners are eternally thrown to hell. I did not want to go to hell, in fact, I was afraid of it.
So that night, 28 October, 2001, I turned over in bed and prayed to God…Read More

A Chat with …
Singapore Navy Diver – Corporal Francis Wong:
Corporal Francis Wong, a homeschooling father, was enlisted in the Navy in 1986. He spent two and a half years as a diver. Daniel Wong and Aaron Fong of The Homeschool Gazette asked him on his experience as a diver…Read More

The Roving Reporter
Drew and Luke show us How to make a Loop-de-Loop Paper Airplane.

A Literary Survey – “Tuck Everlasting”

When Winnie stumbles across a spring which can bestow the gift of everlasting life, she also stumbles across the unforgettable Tuck family. The Tucks are a unique family. After consuming some of the magical water, they gained immortality; they are unable to age, and unable to die. For many decades, they have striven to keep the secret of this spring’s powers and its whereabouts, knowing very well of the harm and destruction it would bring to the world. And now, the Tucks have to take grave measures to protect the secret of the spring …

Here are two essays by homeschoolers from a literature class. Elisha Koh traces the maturing of the protagonist in The Bildungsroman of Winnie Foster and Ian Tay contrasts the two Tuck brothers’ philosophies of immortality and life in Jesse Vs. Miles.  

Homeschoolers In The News

The Straits Times featured some of our local highschoolers. Read It Here 

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