Issue 1 : Singapore Our Nation

THG is launched on 9 August 2011, as our nation celebrates its 46th birthday. This year, homeschoolers attended their first National Education Show, and THG joins them as they recollect the experience. Singapore’s Presidential Election is also held in August. Five youths learn together what it means to elect the person to fill one of the highest offices in […]

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Our First National Day Parade, July 2011

Reported by Ah Boi & Jodd Foxfire   Majulah! The 2011 Singapore National Day Parade, a musical performance in five separate acts, was an extraordinary multimedia musical indeed. Centered around the topic “Majulah! The Singapore Spirit”, the audience was enthralled and captivated by the finesse displayed by the hosts, actors and the performance itself. The […]

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The Roles and Powers of the President of Singapore

by Aaron Fong Commenting on the Constitutional position on the Presidential role, Minister for Law K Shanmugam stressed that the President “has custodial powers, not executive powers”. “In other words, he can veto or block Government actions in specified areas, but he has no role to advance his own policy agenda,” said Minister Shanmugam in a […]

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How Then Should I Vote?

by Jerel Lim Warm, Personal, Generous. These are some traits describing President S. R. Nathan. He served the office with dignity, care and charm. Mr. Zainul Abidin Rasheed, former senior minister of state at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:” He has represented Singapore to presidents, kings, princes, prime ministers and ministers, and done the job so well […]

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Presidential Candidate: Tony Tan

By Elizabeth Fong Introduction and Background Six years have flown by and it is again time for Singaporeans to vote for their new president. Seventy-one-year-old Dr. Tony Tan is one of the candidates running for the presidency in this upcoming election. From 1979 to 2006, he has been a Minister and a Member of Parliament. Dr. Tan has served […]

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Presidential Candidate: Tan Cheng Bock

By Janna Chua Profile. Tan Cheng Bock is a medical doctor, corporate chairman, and former MP. He studied in Radin Mas Primary School and Raffles Institution. For full details, please go to–vitae–of–dr–tan–cheng–bock . Family Background and a Heart for People. According to an article in Singapore Medical Association’s newsletter, “Dr Tan came from a humble background. His father […]

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