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The Treasure



by Erika Wong

Once upon a time, there was a Goblin.  This goblin wanted to be rich.  His name was Morfael Already; more than three times he had tried to steal from the Elf King’s treasury.  As a punishment, the elves imprisoned him inside a tree.  It was impossible to get out as the trunk was hard.

Not very far away, there was a Kingdom.  The elves lived in the Kingdom.  They were always very good.  It seemed like they never did anything wrong.  But among them, there was a young elf.  His name was Cosilda.  He was tired of having to be good every time.  It was boring.  Also, he wanted to be rich.  To him, it seemed fun. Suddenly, he had an idea.  He had many friends who were like him.  They all wanted to be rich.  He distinctly remembered Morfael, the prisoner, saying that he would be rich someday. Casilda had an idea; Adilzo a palace guard who was one of the friends who wanted to be rich had the key to Morfael’s tree prison.  Casilda’s plan was to tell his friends of the idea and if they agreed they would free Morfael. The King was very kind and Casilda did not want to steal from him.  But he already had another idea.  Everyone knows that a dragon’s lair is filled with treasure.  He planned to go to the nearest one.  He gathered his friends as soon as possible and he told them his idea “Okay, Why not?  If it means that we’re going to be rich, no problem!” they answered.  They arranged to meet under an oak tree at midnight that night.  Time ticked by slowly. Afternoon and evening came and went. Finally, midnight.


Casilda crept out of his house and arrived at the old oak tree.  The moon shone bright against the darkness and stillness of the sky.  An owl hooted, a bat flew across and crickets were chirping.  Then he spotted his friends.  Adilzo, Corovell and Mickle. They all set off together for the tree prison.  Once they reached there, they unlocked the firm door and pushed it open.  Morfael was sitting cross-legged on the floor, sulking.  He looked up. “What do you want?” he demanded. “We want to help you.  First, we know how to help you (and us) to become rich.  Second, we can help you get out; Corovell boldly said.  Morfael’s eyes narrowed. “Hmmmm….. How do I know this is not a trick?” he queried.  Seeing their blank looks, he sighed.  “Fine, I will trust you.  Now can we leave?”  They immediately agreed and set off.

As they neared the dragon’s lair, they spied wisps of smoke curling out the cave’s mouth.  They shivered, in spite of the warm surroundings.  They started forward. Then suddenly, a deep voice was heard behind them. “Stop! What are you doing! Going towards the dragon? And not armed too! Are you trying to get yourself killed?” They spun around.  A man stood behind them, glaring fiercely.  “We are going to get treasure from the dragon’s lair, “Morfael proudly said, nodding towards the cave. “ Well, good luck. But I suggest that you better not do it.  Many adventurous ones like you have tried their best, but all have failed,” he advised.  A shadow loomed over them.  “Uh oh Now comes trouble,” the man muttered, without looking up and he sprinted off.  The dragon reared up and roared.  They stared in fear.  The dragon was tremendously huge.  It was a ferocious silver-grey monster.  It picked them up in its sharp talons and swiftly glided away.

The dragon dropped them into an enormous pit.  After landing heavily, they looked around.  As their eyes adjusted to the darkness, they realized that they were surrounded by hills of treasure.  It was treasure haven!  Their eyes glittered with greed, absorbing everything.  There were deep red rubies, sky blue sapphires, jade green emeralds, sparkling diamonds, gold coins everywhere….. They began digging through, grabbing whatever they could get their hands on.  But the sensible one, Adilzo found a problem.  “Now are we supposed to bring all these treasure with us and escape?”  They all agreed.  “He’s right! How can we possibly leave this place laden with all these stuff?  They must weigh tons!”

Soon after that, as the elves and goblin had no food to eat and water to drink, they will all starved to death.  Never to be seen again and nobody ever saw the man who had warned them not to go near the dragon.



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