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By Noel Fong, December 2011

Canon in D     by Aaron Fong, THG Alumnus on piano and violin

After a while of pondering, I decided to become the Redwall Armourer.

First of all, I would like to give credit to my mother and my father. My mother suggested using cardboard for my shield. My father helped me to get the grey duct tape for the handle of “Ratdeath” and the paint that was used to paint the shield of Martin.

This is how I made the shield and the sword. The first step was to find materials. I managed to find one of those long plastic pieces that are used to cover the corners of glass. I found a hacksaw, which I used to painstakingly saw the plastic in a certain way to form a long blade. This piece of plastic served as the backbone of my sword blade. Realizing that the blade was kind of flimsy after I had sawed it, I decided to support it by adding a few metal chopsticks in the middle. Then, I taped the whole blade up with transparent tape. My blade had been completed! My next step was to form the handle of my sword. I used one of the plastic pieces that I had sawn off, to separate the blade from the handle, then taped it with duct tape, which my father had brought me out to nearby stationery shop to buy. My handle was wrapped with grey duct tape.

My shield was made up of cardboard, which had been cut out from a cardboard carton. I had cut out an “m” from another piece of spare cardboard, and had stuck it onto the front of the shield with glue.

This assignment has been very fun and I look forward to doing projects like this in the future!

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