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My PSLE Experience by Noel Fong

by Noel Fong, 2011

Amazing Grace      by Aaron Fong, THG Alumnus   on guitar and violin

My PSLE experience wasn’t so bad after all. To me, all my hard work has paid off. I thank God that during the examination I was able to concentrate and not be distracted when I was doing the papers. Since I was able to concentrate, my papers were finished about halfway through each exam. This time was dear as I could use the other half of the time allotted to check through the script and take a breather. 

I now realize that examinations do you good. From the PSLE I have learned discipline and perseverance, and the examination has educated me quite well and is there for a purpose: to spur the students on to work hard and learn.

I thank my parents; my mother for teaching me and encouraging me to excel in the PSLE, and my father for accompanying me to play sports and watch movies when I needed a break. I also thank God for the homeschooler friends in my year, who made it fun to take mock exams together. God was with me throughout the examination, and I thank Him for that.

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