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“If” Part 3

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by Julien Pernet

If you can write a beautiful story, and not be proud of its glory;

If you can talk with a splendid voice, and yet be humble to those who mumble;

If you can work without rest, and still help a friend for a test;

If you can run with passion, but never forget to show compassion;

If you can be modest about your accomplishments, yet by honest about your loss;

If you did all of these, and continue to be meek, you will be at your peak.


– END –



by Shauna Trinidad

If you can swim and row,
be strong and active,
and run and play
but still be attractive, with gracious words,
clear thoughts and voice
yet when asked, can romp with merry noise.
If you can dress with care,
favour satins, ribbons, and dainty shoes,
yet not scorn calico, trousers,
nor the odd overalls, too.
If you can jump in puddles and laugh aloud,
and let muddy strays into your house,
and clean up afterwards, with gentle hands,
and nary a grouse.
If you can wield a saw and use a hammer,
finish a man’s work before the day is done;
be clever with your hands and laugh at your mistakes —–
and be, in short, one whom all find fun.
If you can be a friend and hold no grudges,
even against those who’ve done you harm
and forgive and forget, love and remember
that the both of you used to be chums.
If you can share your good fortune
and let not sorrow take over in times of gloom
smile with rosy cheeks for the rest of the world
and be there for those who mourn, helping them again to bloom.
If you can dream the biggest dream, with feet anchored firmly to the ground,
see, not with your eyes, but with your heart
and use that which is around you for what is right and what is good —-
you’ll be a Woman, and those around you
will be richer for your Womanhood!
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