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“If” Part 4


by Andersen Hoo

If you can tolerate pain in silence,
when around you people cry out,
and help others in less pain than you are;

If you can put aside your pride,
suppress your indignance,
and work wholeheartedly in matters non-beneficial;

If you can take on the workload and burdens of others solely for them,
and give joy at the cost of your own;

If you can outlive your demons instead of outrun them;

If you can accept things as they are,
stay rooted to help others,
and use knowledge obtained through experience to speak to them;

Then you will be a man, my son.


What a Wonderful World     by Aaron Fong, THG Alumnus    on guitar

If, for Cockroach Nymphs

by Owen Ngeow
If you’ve grown a pair of wings to fly with,
And can use them to evade humans who scream and crush you;
If you love touching the ceiling and hate open spaces,
But are hardy and brave enough to go out when you have to;
If you enjoy scaring people and carrying diseases,
Living in sewers and other unhygienic places;
Socializing with ants, lice, fleas, rats, mice,
And horrifyingly appearing under someone’s four of aces;
Then you are a Cockroach!
And no longer a Nymph
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