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West Sports Group with FCA

by Sharon Tay, West Sports Co-op Co-ordinator

WEST Sports co-op started in 2017, with a vision for homeschool children to interact together regardless of age and abilities. We believe it is through doing things together in a close-knitted community that children can develop friendships. 

Our children may be young today, but we are confident that the seeds sown session after session through fun and friendships, and even scuffles and falls will continue to mould them into who Christ purposed them to be, ready to shine for him as they mature.

Our weekly sports sessions are held at Bukit Panjang on every Tuesday, from 10.30am to 12noon.  A cozy group of boys and girls, aged 7 to 12 meets for sports and play after each session, while mothers chit chat. We often come together for Thanksgiving meal at the end of the year and we welcome any families who wish to find out more about the group to join us.  Our intake is in January at the start of every year and applications opens as early as October the year before.

In 2018, we started WEST TEENS Sports Co-op. Teens meet every Tuesday in the afternoon. Both the primary and teens sports group have approximately 12 to 14 people in each group.

For more information, contact :

Priscilla 9022 9656 (WEST Teens Sports Co-op)

Sharon 9685 5076 (WEST Primary Sports Co-op)

Let’s hear what some of our children have to say!

  • What are your favorite sports in the co-op?

Elias: Archery, soccer, badminton, and basketball.

Hannah: I like Archery the most

Jaedon: Floorball

Rayson: Archery

Ruth: I like archery and badminton

Samuel: Soccer and badminton

Theo: Badminton, basketball, and archery

  • Tell us an unforgettable moment that happened at any of the co-ops you were in?

Elias: There was once when soccer coach played a game by separating those with odd and even phone numbers, and we ended up playing against one boy and the coach. That was very funny.

Hannah: I remembered spotting 2 of my teammates from another team aiming at the same target during one of the archery matches. I quietly took aim at the same target too. When they released their arrows, I immediately let off my arrow and successfully deviated their arrows from hitting the target!

Jaedon: When we played soccer, I was the goalkeeper and was doing well. Then when I had the ball, I took a big risk which was to and score a goal. I succeeded but my team did not get the point because the goalkeeper must pass the ball when he gets it.

Rayson: During the archery game, when I used my arrow to block away the other arrows shot at me.

Ruth: When I was playing soccer in one of the matches, the ball was heading towards me and hit my shin, then it bounced right into the net!

Samuel: Playing and winning at the floorball tournament in November 2018.

Theo: 4 of my good friends played a match against the soccer coach and everyone else at the last session of soccer.  It was very fun because we have always wanted to be on the same team but never got the chance to do that.

  • What are some things you look forward to at every co-op?

Elias: Seeing our friends but especially my good friends.

Jaedon:  Playing with friends, learning new things and taking a break from a schoolwork

Rayson: To improve my skills and to play with my friends.

Theo: Meeting my friends and playing after sports.

  • If you have a chance to create a dream sports co-op, what would it be like?

Elias: Have all my good friends, all my favourite sports and snack after every session!

Hannah: I want sports that are non-violent and encourage friendly matches and a balance of the number of both boys and girls.

Jaedon: It would be bigger, more playful and coaches could play the sport with us more often.

Rayson: I hope the coach will give us lots of snacks to eat.

Ruth: Have more variety of sports and matches that encourages teamwork. I like to see a balance of girls and boys in the group.

Theo: My dream sports group is that we can have sports maybe 3 times a week, and include sports like stand-up paddling, golf, tennis, and running. We get to have a chance to choose our own teams and have lots of sports games.

  • What would you miss most about this co-op when you graduate?

Elias: Miss seeing my friends.

Jaedon: I would miss my friends.

Theo: I will miss my friends the most.

Voices from the Youths in WEST Teens Sports Group:

Ariel: I am grateful that I had the opportunity to learn many new sports. And because the current group I am having is quite small, I was able to be more comfortable. I especially enjoyed the basketball sessions because it helped me to learn and discover an interest in a new sport.

Ekklesia: I am grateful for the friends I made through this co-op, as well as a chance to learn and improve in sports.

Emma: I am very thankful for the coaches we had over the past few months. They don’t seem to mind much that I’m not fantastic at whatever sports I am playing, but rather their focus is on making sure we grow as a group, whether I am in an area of teamwork or helping us think critically. They have shown me how to be a leader and I respect and will try to follow their example.

Rebecca: I am grateful for the nice coaches who are patient with all of us, especially with Li-Ann (her sister) who has special needs. They are very encouraging, even though I do terribly at sports.

Titus: The coaches are Christians. They are very kind, friendly, patient and willing to go at an individual’s pace.

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