Issue 4 : Home

Issue Theme . Home . When you think of ‘home’, what springs to mind? Warm embraces bathed in familial love, a country flag proudly flapping in the wind, or perhaps a specific dish cooked by grandma rolls the word ‘home’ onto your tongue. In this issue, we explore the different facets of belonging and what home […]

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By Alan Jambulatov Corruption, deeply rooted in our human nature, draws all our fleeting strength to suppress. Corruption entails an insatiable want to put ourselves above others, to make others lose for our gain. Corruption allows us to loosen our morals, to hurt people, to disregard the pain of others, and worst of all, to […]

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By Alan Jambulatov Business, coursing through my veins and generations of family before me. From a young age, I knew I wanted to pursue a career entangled in the corporate world. After years of endlessly daydreaming about ways to revolutionise the world around me, building connections—something everyone told me is the heart of a company […]

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In Pursuit

By Tiffany Chen Wow! International Relations! What a cool major! Where would you like to work after graduation? Sorry, I don’t really know much about this field, but, what jobs can you get?” After responding to the “What do you want to major in” question with International Relations, I usually get swamped by these somewhat […]

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