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Homeschool to Polytechnic

The Homeschool Gazette sits down with former homeschooler Tan Tze Xuan who is currently studying in Polytechnic on his transition from home to school.

THG: In what way do you feel homeschooling has or has not prepared you well for poly? 

I feel that homeschooling prepared me well to give presentations in poly. Warriors and ICC helped develop my public speaking skills, and I still apply the skills I learnt then to my class presentations.

I feel that homeschooling did not prepare me well for the social aspect of poly. 

THG: What are the main stress points in poly for you?

Sometimes it’s harder to connect with my classmates because they are mostly either into gaming or anime, neither of which are things I’m interested in. 

The last few weeks of the semester are often very stressful as there are many tests, projects, and assignments to work on. The amount of work really overwhelmed me and I ended up sleeping very little during that period. 

THG: What do you enjoy most about poly?

I enjoy the social aspect of poly the most. I enjoy meeting my classmates 5 days a week. 

THG: How has your education journey shaped you into who you are today?

I’ve been homeschooled for 10 years prior to entering poly. Therefore, poly was a very big change for me. My education journey has shaped me into a person with character and excellence. In poly, I continue to strive for excellence and integrity in whatever I do. 

THG: Any tips or encouragement for homeschoolers considering poly?

If you would consider yourself somewhat of an introvert, I’d encourage you to make a lot of new friends from public schools and hang out with them. Try to get used to mixing with unfamiliar people because that’ll really help prepare you for poly.

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