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Meme Guide to THG

Brought to you by Liz Koh & THG’s Senior Editorial Team

Disclaimer: The following contains shade. Please view at your own discretion. Everything is in good humour, we hold no grudges.

Here at The Homeschool Gazette, we value excellence.

Excellence in writing, excellence in editing, and excellence in memes. We strive to serve our readers quality content and well researched articles. This is only possible thanks to our amazing team of writers and editors as shown in the group picture below!

At the top of THG’s hierarchy of stress, we have the Editor in Chief, Liz Koh.

Here’s a glamorous picture of her:

Like we mentioned earlier, we value excellence at THG. So without a doubt, our EIC has to set the tone.

And in case you find her weird, here’s some good news! You’re not alone.

Shoutout to Eunice for laughing at my jokes

Next, we have Natasha! She’s in charge of the adult-ing in our team.

First up, we have “Our Craft” column headed by the one and only Eunice Tan! She is one of the kindest humans you’d ever have the pleasure of knowing. If you want a Senior Editor who will play ice breaker games with you, highlights and colours the editing schedule in the colours of the rainbow, and will strongly support your love for food – Eunice is your gal. Your ever kind and enthusiastic ENFJ, it’s hard not to love her.

As a Senior Editor, Eunice examples excellence by her amazing work ethic. Now, you might wonder what happens when someone tests her…here are the three stages of Eunicorn rage.

Stage 1:

Stage 2:

Stage 3:

Basically, be nice to her.

Both a compassionate mentor and passionate advocate for Christ, Eunice is THE Editor for real talk and sound advice. More than a Senior Editor, she too will be a friend and encourager!

Right after, we have the Spotlight column headed by THG’s in house saint, Jessica Shepherd!

If you’re looking for the sweetest Senior Editor on mother earth, go to Jessica. No strive, no raised voices. Chill vibes only. Fun fact: Jessica has an awesome Junior Editor named Jess. They are the power couple here in THG.

In terms of happiest vibes and least amount of anxiety induced pimples, Spotlight column is THE column. Spotlight column is in charge of interviews and event coverage so head here for cool experiences!

Speaking of low stress, allow me to introduce you to the most intense column within THG – the Lifestyle column. It is no surprise that its headed by our in house tyrant Alan Jambulatov.

He takes excellence seriously.

Very seriously.

But not to fret! We have a Junior Editor fairy named Phoebe in the Lifestyle column who’ll ensure you an un-severed head should you cross Alan. Phoebe also doubles as the Head of Savage Burns here at THG so if you join THG’s Lifestyle column, you will have a never ending supply of hilarious insults being thrown about!

Pro Tip: have a jumbo pack of popcorn ready to munch as you watch.

If you want to achieve the epitome of overachievement excellence, Lifestyle column will not fail you. Only the best for the best!

On the social media front, we have the aesthetics crew led by Ranen Chan

Ah yes, our aesthetic knight in shining armour…just ask Alan, till this day he gets emotional when someone whispers “Ranen the Aesthetics dood”. Thanks to him, our hair have not yet fallen out from stress…then again…

Either way, if you want to experience having nine lives like a cat, join the aesthetics crew! No one’s been fired there yet! If creating aesthetically pleasing and engaging content is your thing, Aesthetics crew is your long lost family.

But let us not forget the ones who are the true MVPs in THG – the Junior Editors! We love and appreciate you!

Jokes aside, the one’s who make THG rock are the writers. They are the brilliant minds who produce the amazing content here at THG. Without them, we would not be. So writers here’s a hug from all the editors: *hugs*

Join the THG family by filling out the registration form here:

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