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Transitioning Back to School

By studybug

It’s time to head back to school! Trying to convince your homeschooling child to return to work may be difficult; they may not want to transition from days of being allowed to do what they want to, to the monotony of schoolwork and a fixed schedule. It may be difficult even for the most disciplined homeschooler to return to sitting at a desk for most of the day. You may also feel stressed when it comes to planning the school year and the schedule; how can you make it easier for you and your child? With a few small changes, you can ease the transition back into the school year for both you and your child.

Here are some tips on how to make this part of your homeschooling journey a little less stressful for both of you:

Set a routine

The transition to a fixed schedule can be made easier by altering the schedule a little at a time. A few days before you begin the return to a fixed schedule, you can start to change little things in the day. You can start to regulate mealtimes or slowly set the alarm earlier by 5 minutes every morning. These little changes can do a lot to help the whole family! What’s more, your child may not notice anything until the first day of school.


To start the school year on the right foot, it is always a good idea to be organized. Set aside time every day to set a schedule for the school year or plan your curriculum. You can clear out things from the previous year your child does not need anymore or designate a few places to keep your child’s completed work. These small actions will help prevent chaos, stress, and disorganization when you first begin the school year. You can also set aside time with your child to revise things from the previous school year.

Favorite Subjects

If your child has certain subjects they like, you could make the transition easier by starting off the first day with the classes they like! You could begin with something they enjoy to encourage them to look forward to learning or ask them which subject they would like to start with. It will make time go by faster and help your child start the day with an open mind! You will also have a more attentive student for the first day of school.

Take them on a Learning Journey

Going from active and fun things to sitting at a desk for most of the day can be hard for your child. To make the transition easier, you could take the classes outdoors. Take the textbooks to the park or bring them on a walk; you may both learn something new about the environment and the things around you; you could also incorporate some indoor activities during the summer to help your child get used to staying at home a little more during the day.

Talk to your child

While you are the parent who has to do most of the teaching and planning, you could also ask the child about what they would like to see during the school year. Perhaps they would prefer to handle a subject differently or go outdoors more often. Asking for your child’s opinion can make things easier for you when planning and it will give your child something to look forward to during the school year. Listen to their suggestions. Their opinions may help the school year go a little smoother.

Be Prepared

When the school year starts, it will not be perfect; there may be missing books or assignments, maybe your child has forgotten a few things over the holidays, some pencils or supplies may go missing. You can ease the stress by being more flexible when the work starts. You don’t have to stick to a rigid schedule; you can change it to whatever works better for both you and your kid. You may not have the perfect transition into the school year, but that’s alright. All types of schooling can be stressful at times!

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