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Students in Quarantine

Written by Ru Yi

Edited by Eunice Tan

Movement Control Order

Restricted Movement Order

Lockdown, quarantine 

Stay at Home

These were the “in” phrases

Of our current situation

Which everyone panicked about

But eventually adapted to

Students were ecstatic 

About the prospect of no school

“Freedom for weeks!” they cheered gleefully

And set out to plan their holiday

They envisioned hours of relaxation

Free of exams and worries

Netflix and chill all day long

Uninterrupted, blissful slumber

Their dreams evaporated, however

When they found out they had to study

Through the gadgets in their homes

Boy, were they in for a ride!

Zoom no longer meant enlargement of an object

But instead represented the app for online classes

Google classroom became the homework master

Students cowered under its deadlines

Two weeks of online classes rolled over into four

Four weeks flowed into eight

Slowly, teachers and students alike 

Adjusted to the new learning system

At first they could bear it

Fiddling around with devices and programs 

They assumed it was temporary

Little did they know

After hours of classes and staring at the screen

Their eyes burned and their bodies ached

Internet connection problems cropped up

And both parties grew frustrated

Everyone had no choice but to adapt

Although it was difficult and exhausting

But thank God for technology

Where education can at least still carry on

Instead of complaining and giving up

On teachers, the school, and doing homework

We as students should work and co-operate with each other

Because then only can we overcome this together

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