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Time Management

Written by Le En

Edited by Eunice Tan

As a student and master procrastinator, I have experimented and tried several different ways of studying and completing homework. With the quarantine making us all lose a sense of time, it is easy to lose grip of time management. Thus, here are some suggestions on how to better manage time:

1. Have a specific schedule. Compile a list of what needs to be completed and assign them to certain days or times. Adding these to your phone as a notification to alert you when to do the assignment could be helpful if you lose track of time. Make sure that this schedule is not vague and not only includes what to complete on that day but also specifically when to complete each task.

2. Take time to think about how long each assignment will take. Certain assignments might take longer or shorter and calculating the time it would take for each assignment is essential for realistic scheduling. 

3. Assign breaks. It is unrealistic to believe that one can finish many assignments in one sitting without burning out. This also helps with focusing and being motivated.

4. Prioritize assignments. Schedule the assignments by the urgency and importance. Complete important and urgent assignments immediately! Then only move on to less critical ones.

5. Set a time limit when completing assignments. Without a proper motivator, completing assignments can be a difficult task. However, using a time limit to push yourself forward is a great way to keep yourself on track.

6. Finally, make sure that you plan ahead of time. After each day, prepare the schedule for the following day and prepare for the next day.

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