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“If” Part 1


by Drew Fong
Amazing Grace     by Aaron Fong, THG Alumnus    on guitar and violin

by Drew Fong

If you had strength like Hercules,
And had all the muscles you could squeeze;
If you were perfect in your day,
And had no sin in any way;
If you would think that you have won,
Then Jesus needn’t have ever come.
If, however, you are weak in strength,
and cannot fend for self,
If you weren’t perfect in strife
and had flaws in your life,
If you feel dejected and run over,
Jesus came to turbo-boost you over.
by Lai Jia En
If the world were full of grateful people,
what would our world be like?
Thankful words and happy smiles
Would lift our spirits and fill our lives with light.
If the world were full of ungrateful people,
what would our world be like?
Sour words and cross looks,
Angry spirits and even a fight,
Would dampen our spirits and make our lives
a very sorry plight.
But if we remember that all things come from Him,
and when despite our darkest days,
we become what He tells us to be like,
Rested hearts and joyful looks
I’m sure all these simple acts will deeply bless
His Heart!

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