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A Day at Summer Camp – A (fictional) Photo Story

Photos by John Chua

What a Wonderful World     by Aaron Fong, THG Alumnus   on guitar

Once upon a time, Mr. Tim said,

“Listen guys, debate is a serious sport. 

It is war!”

Really, ah?

I’d better take down notes.

Me too, if I’m gonna be Malaysia’s champion debater.

“No need lah, you can just watch Youtube.”

After the morning break, the action starts… 

“Who wants to go first?”

I volunteer… him!

Preparing for the war ahead …

Intense in battle … Girl Power


Intense in study…

…  or not.

(Well, it did not hurt, this debater still brought home the gold medal.)


Finally, the debate starts…

“I have a dream…


that from the hills of Bukit Timah…

…   to the longkang outside my house, democracy shall reign.”


Huh  ???


Meanwhile, at the Parent Corner …

I can definitely beat them.


Next, comes Cross-X…


The Webster of Debate defines 

“Cross-examination is the way to take down your opponent by words alone.”

“I don’t know what to say lah! ” 


 Lunchtime finally arrived for the battle-weary…


ahh…  my chicken rice. 

NOOo! It’s my chicken rice!


I’m warning you. Do not take my chicken rice!


Eh, boys, don’t fight. It’s only chicken rice.

But it’s mine!


After lunch, in an exhibition match, “FaceBook is a Nett Detriment”, 


the instructors face-off…


Luke demonstrated his “must-have” debate power gestures


while Josiah retaliated… 


… by doing the Macarena?


At last,  some R & R time …

We can dribble as well as we can debate!

Or can we? 

“Better stick to Debate.”

So much for brotherly love.

Stop the game! My bus is here! Balik Kampung!

-The End-

A Special Thanks to …

John Chua for the fantastic photos, and to 

all our “stars” for graciously allowing us to laugh at them, with them.

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