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HSF Kovan End-of-Semester Party

By Drew Fong

The end-of-semester Party was organised by Auntie Daphne, one of the homeschool moms. It was to celebrate the end-of-term for our Homeschool Sports Fellowship. Instead of the usual Thursday sports session from 4 to 6 pm, we had group games during this time and a potbless dinner after that.


The dinner showcased a whole array of food items lovingly cooked by homeschool parents, and the final result was astonishing! There were pastas, colourful salads, spicy mouth-watering curry, buttered rice, and other delicious dishes. Since the event started at 4 pm, the coaches and seniors would organise special games to play while the moms set up the buffet ( aka the banquet ) table. Some of the fun group games included three-sided tchoukball, baseball with pool floats, and even scaled up basketball.

Thursday sports sessions are always exciting experiences. We get to meet up with friends and experience different sports. As often times I find myself buried in academic work, the sessions are a good break to enjoy with peers. After the sessions, we usually have dinner at a nearby food court, which is always the best part. Since the type of sports we play changes every semester, we get to try a whole array of sports. There is tchoukball, basketball, lacrosse, and floorball. The coaches always train us in the first hour and commence games in the second hour. We have a sharing session at the end of sports, which allows us to exchange our different experiences with each other. It is definitely a worthy investment of our time just as it says in Proverbs 27:17 “Iron sharpens iron, so one person’s experience sharpens another’s learning.”

Thursdays are a blast

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