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John Chua

John Chua, Alumni A Lifechanging Decision A Day at Summer Camp – A (fictional) Photo Story

Janna Chua

Janna Chua, Alumni   A Personal Story Presidential Candidate: Tan Cheng Bock

Aaron Fong

Aaron Fong, Alumni   Interview with a Singapore Navy Diver The Roles and Powers of the President of Singapore A Literary Survey  : How Babbitt Makes the Tucks Likable Characters The Significance of Christ’s Resurrection My PSLE Experience by Aaron … Continue Reading Aaron Fong

Matthew Tan

Matthew Tan, Alumni     The Land of the Dinosaurs Our First National Day Parade, July 2011 It’s Your Choice Poetry with a Zookeeper Alumni Auld Lang Syne (Part 1)

Owen Ngeow

Owen Ngeow “If” Part 1 Friend in the Motherland  

Rachel Lim

Rachel Lim, Alumni   Poetry with a Zookeeper Ellen

Luke Tan

Luke Tan     Poetry with a Zookeeper The Roving Reporter: How to make a Loop-de-loop Plane by Luke & Drew