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Issue 2 : Exam Fever

In Issue 2, THG takes a look at the preparation homeschoolers did for the PSLE this year. Some of the students and moms share their thoughts and experiences from the PSLE. THG also covered the recent homeschool events such as the Homeschool Sports Day and Homeschool Fun Fair. The results for the THG Write-a-Fairytale Contest are out! Winning entries will be featured in the next couple of issues.

Our budding writers write up a storm; just scroll down below for poetry, an essay, a personal story and literary surveys on Babbitt and the Tuck Brothers.

Also inside: Our international correspondent informs us of what life is like in Cairo, Egypt. Learn how to bake delicious cookies, admire the work of a young aspiring artist, and enjoy the many poems penned by our budding poets!

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Canon in D     by Aaron Fong, THG Alumnus   on piano, guitar and violin

Issue 2

PSLE Prep, 2011

For homeschool families, is the PSLE a “Productive, Simple Learning Exercise” or an imposition that stands for “Please Stop Learning Everything!” Here, 3 parents whose children have successfully put the PSLE behind them, share their thoughts. Serene Lim and Tay Pui Yee tell how they prepared their sons to excel in the exam.

Before the PSLE this year, families got together to “prep” the students as a group. They took mock examinations, learned oral and listening comprehension skills and of course, played games and relaxed together.

Many thanks to parents Connie Lim, Suzie Moi, and Leona Heng for organizing the sessions.

THG asked several families about how they went about preparing for the PSLE. Here is a summary of their responses.
Homeschoolers also share their PSLE experience – Aaron FongIan TayPriscilla Fong and Noel Fong.
In a post-PSLE early Thanksgiving get-together for pizza, and more pizza, P6 students took turns to give thanks for the exam experience. Most were grateful for good health, alert and calm minds during the few days, and for the ability to tackle difficult questions. Some thanked their mothers for teaching, encouraging and supporting them through this milestone. As one mother puts it, “This is my third PSLE, the first being thirty years ago, and with one more to go!”
Homeschool Funfair
Not too long ago, in a cozy house with a large backyard, a homeschool funfair took place. Many families did their part to contribute, set up stalls and make the funfair a success. THG stopped by, and we had a great time,  enjoying snacks while playing games or buying interesting and unique items that were on display. Parents captured some lovely photos while Shan Shan and the Tan sisters tell all, in Homeschool Funfair 2011.
Homeschool Sports Day

The annual Homeschool Sports Day just came and went. Parents and children ran their hearts out as they competed in individual and family events. Check out these photos.

Things I Love

Enjoy the many pieces of artwork done by aspiring artist Ning Li. 

“Write-a-Fairytale” Contest

The results are out! Take a peek at the fairy-tales that garnered the Judges’ applause and won their votes. Also inside: Snapshots of the whale of a time the winners had at the interactive play. Do read Noel’s The Booty and the Beast, Rachel’s Ellen – Cinderella Remix, and Matthew’s It’s Your Choice.


Noel Fong tells it all as he explains how he chose and went about completing a little project for language arts. For all lovers of the book series Redwall, don’t miss this!

The Roving Reporter

With elder sister Elisabeth behind the camera, Johanna and Victoria present how to bake Mrs. Field’s Chocolate Chip Cookies (Kids Bake ‘Em Cookies). Click hereto learn how to prepare this gastronomical delight!

Egypt – Life in Cairo

Zan Jia (our international correspondent) shares with us what life is like for him and his family in Cairo, Egypt. Read it here.
Poetry with a Zookeeper

Homeschoolers had the privilege of attending poetry workshops with poet Francis Lim, who is also a former zookeeper. The children aged 7 to 12 composed their own original poetry under the guidance of the instructor. Be surprised!A big thank you to parents Littly for organizing the workshops, and Sook Neo for putting the portfolio of poems together.

The Significance of Christ’s Resurrection

Aaron tackles the important issue of the significance of Christ’s Resurrection. What does the Resurrection mean to us as Christians? Is it historically proven? What would it mean if the Resurrection was just some lie? He answers these questions in his essay, which he completed as a term paper in an elective course, The Gospels and the Life of Christ.

A Personal Story

John Chua shares with us his story on how he decided to take this step of faith:
I was born into a good Christian family. We did many things together like going on family outings and having fun times. I remembered almost every night we would gather and together have a short devotion. We would sing songs together. It would then be followed with verse memory, prayer etc. People would say how good I was.

When I entered public school things started changing. Though outwardly I might still look like the obedient boy, I was actually becoming very naughty. I started buying things without permission. I sometimes got into trouble with the teacher for playing in class… Read More

A Literary Survey – “Tuck Everlasting”

When Winnie stumbles across a spring which can bestow the gift of everlasting life, she also stumbles across the unforgettable Tuck family. The Tucks are a unique family. After consuming some of the magical water, they gained immortality; they are unable to age, and unable to die. For many decades, they have striven to keep the secret of this spring’s powers and its whereabouts, knowing very well of the harm and destruction it would bring to the world. And now, the Tucks have to take grave measures to protect the secret of the spring …
Aaron Fong shares How Babbitt Makes the Tucks Likeable Characters in spite of the fact that they repeatedly break the law in the novel, while Matthew Lim takes a look at the differences of the two Tuck brothers.
Lastly, Erica delights with a little tale of a goblin and elves.
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