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Personal Training with HS Mom Angela

– Anon –

Squats. Dead bugs. Myofascial Release.

From falling back to power squats. From aching weak muscles to relief, strength & rotating ankles. Magic before my eyes. Three months with personal trainer Angela, a once a week fellowship and coaching with the church ladies. Fitness! Well-being!

I understand my body now and which anatomical parts need to be strengthened as I age. With toned thighs, I can power squat! The exercises are very doable for older ladies who really need tougher muscles to sustain daily life and prevent common falls.

After the release work, my body feels immediately lighter and I sleep so much better. More aware of the correct walking and exercising postures, my balance and core strength have improved.

Get a group of 2 or 3 ladies and start your own fitness journey with Angela. She may be contacted at

Angela will diagnose body weaknesses, assess and correct posture and movement dysfunction to customize an individual exercise regime to match fitness goals. Workout includes stretching and low impact cardio to build stamina and muscle strength. You will be taught myofascial self-release techniques used by massage therapists to relieve muscle tension and body aches. Equipment used are basic and portable while activities are easily repeated at home or during travel to create a sustainable lifestyle of health and fitness.

She is also a certified trainer for our government’s Happy Program for Seniors to delay loss of cognitive and memory function and prevent dementia.


Angela is a qualified ACE Personal Trainer who loves working with individuals and small groups. She specializes in customising an exercise program for individuals to meet health goals. She will assess and correct posture and movement dysfunction and teach the popular techniques of myofascial self-release.

Currently a trainer at a professional gym, she manages the fitness floor and educates members on correct exercise forms and the safe use of cardio and weight training equipment. She also volunteers with a registered charity to conduct physical exercise and cognitive training for Seniors.

An athlete and a passionate fitness enthusiast in endurance sports, Angela is a three-time Top 10 achiever in Race Walking competitions. She enjoys functional training and weight lifting and after experiencing a personal injury, is a keen student of human physiology and body recovery.

“Personally, I enjoy empowering others, young and old, through education to enable them to cultivate long-lasting fitness habits for life. Her belief is that “There is no limitation to fitness; only self. The little you do today reaps benefits in days to come. No action, no transformation!”     

– Angela, a former homeschool mom with two sons, at work and in college 

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