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Issue 4 : Home

Issue Theme

Home .


When you think of ‘home’, what springs to mind?

Warm embraces bathed in familial love, a country flag proudly flapping in the wind, or perhaps a specific dish cooked by grandma rolls the word ‘home’ onto your tongue. In this issue, we explore the different facets of belonging and what home truly means. From an eye opening interview with a formerly homeschooled Singaporean serving National Service to an inspiring personal story about fitting in, The Homeschool Gazette has a plethora of topics to offer. So grab yourself a cup of tea, find a comfortable spot, and nestle into the words and pictures that capture our journeys.


Liz Koh

Editor in Chief

Table of Contents:

Our Craft

Column Editor: Eunice Tan

Do you have a wild, creative side that explores art and creativity? Then you have come to the write column! “Our Craft” is an entire column dedicated to showcasing short stories, poems, art, and all forms of creative expression, such as comics and music! We also cover articles about personal growth, so stay on a lookout for those too! Get ready for a thrilling ride!


Column Editor: Jessica Shepherd

Shining light on the current, upcoming, and important, Spotlight column is your hub of interviews, reviews, events, and many more! Want to know what’s coming up in the next month? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Or perhaps you missed a particular homeschool event…we’ve got an article for that too! Stay tuned to be in the know.


Column Editor: Alan Jambulatov

Lifestyle is a column dedicated to exploring the inner workings of our everyday lives. Whether through learning about sports or trying new food, we aim to bring new experiences and perspectives to life. Additionally, the Lifestyle Column seeks to provide knowledge of global phenomenons and detail the business world, all aspects which impact our daily lives and surroundings.


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