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By Alan Jambulatov

Business, coursing through my veins and generations of family before me. From a young age, I knew I wanted to pursue a career entangled in the corporate world. After years of endlessly daydreaming about ways to revolutionise the world around me, building connections—something everyone told me is the heart of a company and doing thorough market research—I started my own venture: an event planning company.

On a hot day in mid-June, I attended an event, a typical weekday for me; however, little did I know this day would kickstart my future career. There I met a person, filled with excitement, interest, and most of all passion for her career. We started a conversation about my life in Canada and somehow transitioned towards our work life. At that time I was working at a coffee shop, doing market research in aspiration of opening my own in a mere few months. She explained that she worked in the event-planning industry for years now and continues to pursue opportunities in her field. Similarly, we continued to enjoy small-talk for a number of weeks. However, one day I received a fateful call, my café would not become a reality.

I was devastated. The project in which I had put ample amounts of my time and resources failed. I scrambled trying to salvage an idea, at least something to embark on, something to contribute. That’s when it hit me, I can start an event planning company. Immediately, I called my friend, asking to meet. Later, this evolved into a reality. I would control the business side of the company—legal work, financing, connections—while she would take charge of the events themselves, with intermittent help from me.

Thus began the start of something that would develop into an actual business, one that I own, and filled with great and exciting tribulations.

~To be continued~

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